Of course you can now get brunch pizzas

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Brunch Pizzas at Crust Bros

If there's anything we shouldn't put avocado on, London is determined to find out what that is.

Sometimes the world’s horrible: it’s cold, an angry tangerine is President of the United States, and Mariah Carey has re-entered the charts, which means people are already listening to Christmas songs. But the resilience of humankind comes in many forms, including combining two magnificent food stuffs to create one ultra, optimistic dish. For example, fusing the greasy deliciousness of pizza with the fresh delectability of brunch to create the ultimate brunch pizzas.

So you can thank the Crust Bros for this beacon of brunchy hope, as they’ve teamed up with MasterChef 2016 losers/runners up Billy and Jack to create their Billy and Jack X Crust Bros brunch menu. You’ll find six different pizzas topped with those midday classics, like the Haters Gonna Hate, made with chestnut and porcini mushrooms, cheddar, taleggio, mozzarella and marmite. Oh, and obviously an avocado one, because if there wasn’t there’d be riots from Waterloo to Brick Lane. You’ll find avocado, mozzarella, green pesto and coriander, with a Burford Brown egg on top for good measure, on that one.

Probably the most appealing is the, uh, creatively named Drunk in (cheese) Love, which boasts potato, caramelised onion, mozzarella and drunken cheese. That’s right, cheese that’s been aged for 18 months, with six months of that being soaked in a local wine in a process called 'ubriacatura' (meaning to get blind drunk in Italian). When even the cheese is drunk, you know society is at least doing something right.

You can get the Billy and Jack X Crust Bros brunch menu at Crust Bros in Waterloo for £20pp, and includes a pizza, dessert, tea and coffee. Bottomless Italian sparkling wine costs an extra £35pp.