Spirit of Tiki Punching Bag Rum Punch

Now that's what I call a knockout pun.

Look, we’ve all been “that guy” at the end of the bar waving a five pound around and tutting when the bartender serves someone who was 100% there before you, so you’d think more than a few of London's mixologists would want to punch a couple of their punters. Well, they’ve decided to get their anger out in a professional and much weirder way: by mixing up a rum cocktail in an actual punching bag – and getting a professional boxer to mix it with his fists.

The literal rum punch will be forcibly mixed at the Spirit of Tiki festival in Regent’s Park on Saturday 15th July, where the four-foot bag (lined with plastic) is filled with the ingredients as rum expert and bar manager of Mahikik, Georgi Radev, gives a run-down of what’s going in. Sprinkle a bit of soon-to-be-crushed ice in and the professional boxer will give it a beat down that would make even the strongest flair mixologist flinch. There’s a happy ending to this blackout brawl though: at the end they’ll puncture the bottom and it becomes a fountain of rum for all to enjoy. Just maybe next time think twice before clicking at your local bartender…

Drink the rum punch from the punching bag only at the Spirit of Tiki Festival in Regent's Park, on Saturday 15th July. You can buy tickets here.