Want To Know What Axe Throwing Is Really Like? We Try Whistle Punks

whistle punks vauxhall

Four grown folks and four axes; what could possibly go wrong?

I'm often known to be inappropriate in possibly dangerous situations, and my husband likes to think I don't know my own mortality... so I suggested we go axe throwing.


One of the UK activity trends born of overseas popularity, axe throwing might originate from North America, but it's truly staking its claim in London, with Whistle Punks at the forefront of this experience.

Having opened in 2016, Whistle Punks have sites UK-wide, in London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds (with a huge new site headed to Oxford Circus in September), and have been the go-to name for axe throwing in the UK ever since.

Heading off to their Vauxhall location, cages, targets and a fridge brimming with alcohol-free ciders and beers make up the space, as we perched reviewing the splintered bulleyes in front. Frida was the expert on our lane providing a safety brief and one-on-one tuition, helping us through two throws that were due to be our best chance of keeping an axe on the target. And while Frida was spirited, encouraging, and very good at throwing an axe herself, it made the embarrasing amount of times we missed slightly harder to swallow. 

Overhead, one-handed; it didn't matter which way I threw, I struggled, but with a bullseye on the team, and a finalist in our midst (in social lanes you'll enter a competition with the group alongside), it's a really fun weekend activity. And once you get over replaying *that* Tik Tok video in your and get comfortable with the power at hand? It's one hell of a laugh. 

Whistle Punks Vauxhall can be found at Arch 25, Handel Business Centre, 73 Bondway, London SW8 1SQ, and tickets start from just £22 per person. For more quirky activities in London? Check out our guide here. Sign up for our London newsletter to get more news like this straight to your inbox.