Get A Taste Of Luxury At London's Only Truffle And Prosecco Bar

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

Trufflesecco Camden Bar

Every day is a cause for celebration at London's only truffle and prosecco bar.

Everyone has their own version of the high life, for some it's Champagne and caviar, for others it's fried chicken and beer, but for a real taste of la dolce vita, it begins and ends with truffle and prosecco. And if the portmanteau didn't already give it away, Mornington Crescent's Trufflesecco knows a thing or two about this last combination.

Specialising in truffle-laced dishes and sparkling wines, this North London bar and restaurant takes inspiration from the more lavish side of the Florentine lifestyle - celebrating the everyday with tasty bites and some bubbles - and it's the only place in London doing it. 

Boasting a menu of Italian classics, from wobbly burrata (with truffle shavings) to bacon and mushroom pasta (in a creamy truffle sauce) and New York Cheesecake (with truffle honey), their food offering very much commits to the bit. As for their drinks, they've got a more than fair selection of the sparkly stuff, with proseccos and cremantes from both Italy and France, as well as a still longer selection of non-sparkling wines. They've even got an organic, vegan option so no one has to go without their daily celebration. 

Trufflesecco is open every day from 5pm-Midnight at 11 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE.