This Shoreditch Pub Is Now Brewing Vegan Avocado Beer

Added on . By Anisah Audu.

World Vegan Month is coming and you'll want to avo bit of this. 

With so many brewers using animal-derived products to clarify beer, vegan beer is becoming more important than ever. If you're a plant-based foodie looking for something a little tasty to imbibe, look no further than Worship Street's Long Arm Pub & Brewery. Not only is the east London watering hole committed to sustainability through eliminated kegs, casks and bottling, but now they've launched an Avocado Stout just in time for World Vegan Month this November. Brewed using dark malts and our favourite green veg, there's a real creamy avocado taste, with a hint of Vitamin C. Part of your five-a-day? Why not.

Soak up Avocado Stout for just £5.50 at Long Arm Pub & Brewery, 20-26 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DX.