This pop-up bar in Peckham is making Christmas scary with cocktails based on festive monsters

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Monster cocktails at Batch in Peckham

Put the Advocaat squarely in the bin and enjoy some frightening Christmas bevvies. 

Trying to talk to your elderly relatives. Buying a thoughtful gift for your cousin who will immediately return it. Christmas songs in November. Sure, we’ve all got to love the most wonderful time of the year, but for anyone that’s worked in retail (or been sat next to their racist Nan for four hours on Christmas Day) knows, sometimes the jolly season can release your inner-monster. Which is why all the secret Grinches of the world can unite at their own special hideout this year, as Batch will be celebrating all things monstrous this Christmas with some mythical tipples.

Taking influence from the festive monsters of Scandinavian folklore, they’ll be delivering a series of cocktails based on the dark old tales, like Gryla, an Icelandic monster with an insatiable appetite for children stew. The slightly more famous Krampus gets the alcoholic treatment too: the half-man half-goat who hates naughty children and punishes them in ways varying from giving them coal to devouring them whole. Presumably, the cocktails contain no actual children. 

These drinks won’t be the stuff of nightmares, however, with Twist London bartenders shaking up the cocktails from premium spirits. Meanwhile, there’s hot toddies and beers from Brick Brewery in local Peckham, if you're feeling a little less fearsome. So the next time your Uncle brings up Brexit, just let it go and remember there’s a place for you to unleash those festive monsters.

Drink the Monster Cocktails from 1st December at Batch in Peckham.