#SingleGuy - Date 6

The Sky Room, 5th Floor, Magdalen House, 148 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TU.

Why it's great for a date:

The SkyMarket is one of London's most tucked away and secretive bars. Perched on the roof of an office block in London Bridge, it serves a variety of food freshly sourced from nearby Borough Market. The fact that you even know about the existence of the place will score you instant cool points with your date, plus there are loads of great places locally to carry on the fun with drinks once you're finished. 

How the date went:

I met my date outside the office building before umping in the lift up to the roof. Meeting for dinner outside an office block was an interesting start to a date for sure, and certainly had her questioning quite where we were going. After exiting the lift, we were greeted by the friendliest staff I've ever come across in a bar in London. They showed us to a table and talked us through what was on the menu that night. The food was delicious and the cocktails even more so. Particularly the 'Jerk & Stormy' (a Caribbean twist on my usual favourite 'Dark & Stormy'), give it a try if you can. We sat and tucked away a number of cocktails while feasting on the set menu, four courses of Jamaican, Brazilian and Mexican food! I think the rooftop location was a bit hit with my date who seemed to love the views that you can enjoy at The SkyMarket. The lady in question was sparkling company and hopefully I'll get another chance to impress her, I'm thinking next time it'll be something a little more fun.

(Note: the 'spoon' that has your table number on it, is exactly that, your table number marker, and not an instrument for serving the various dishes as my date thought. Got a laugh from me though). 

General about the place/drinks available/ambience/clientele:

The SkyMarket has a really chilled out vibe, the wooden decking, along with an abundance of bamboo screens creating intimate areas and the comfy seating gives the place a very relaxing atmosphere. The staff, who are all extremely knowledgable, dress casually and are keen to chat about the food, the drinks and even the weather! Which at the moment tends to switch between "Can I get you a blanket? It's freezing" and "It looks like it's about to rain, good job you've got a spot under cover." The food is all freshly prepared and cooked to order and you can really tell the quality while grazing through the recommended set menu.

If you're on a first date this is an ideal location. Quiet, relaxed and virtually unheard of... get there before the rest of London get wind of how good The SkyMarket is!