The rise of Microbreweries in London

Last updated . By Isabella Wardynska.

Urban drinking welcomes a new trend – the home brew. Drawing influence from one of the most iconic decades in alcohol's history, London has revived the prohibition era into a modern day accessory. The breed of the Brewpub and Brewbar celebrate the unique production of alcohol, lifting the lid on the brewing process from start to finish. Microbrewing is the fine art of 2014, set to herald a league of extraordinary drinking destinations. You'll find no wine here, this is a strictly spirit & hops enthusiasts zone.

East London Liquor Company

Owing to its infamous destination in the former historical wonderland of spirit production, London's East End brings the taste of prestige to distilling with East London Liquor Company. Cultivating taste and purity, these distilling dynamos lead the industry with their three speciality Gins infused with botanical flavours to create a truly individual spirit. This is closely followed by the double-distilled Vodka, with Rum and Whisky batches available too. The Old Glue Factory of Bow Wharf has been transformed into a copper-clad industrial space showcasing traditional technique with expertly refined taste.The East London Liquor Company

The East London Liquor Company: A fragrant approach to distilling Gin, Vodka, Rum & Whisky.

The Craft Cocktail Co.

The mystique of mixology is uncovered. These guys tell a tale of hand-crafted cocktails straight from the workshop, bottling only the most natural flavours for that distinguished taste. Watch the process from brew to bottle in the Shoreditch distillery-turn-bar-come-off licence as they redefine the cocktail industry with customised large scale production before your eyes. There's certainly nothing generic about their drink selection. No Woowoo's or Sex on the Beach here, folks.

Meantime, The Old Brewery

The original champions of the small craft brewers, Meantime's history is steeped in London tradition, restoring the brewing practises of the once named Old Royal Naval College. This label is recognised amongst Londoners not only for pioneering the birth of the brew-bar breed but for recognising the artistry that is beer creation. With a brew time of about six weeks, Meantime has been able to develop innovative bottles of chocolate and raspberry beers (amongst the many other favourites) giving this brewery the widest range of beers than any other brewery in the UK. Meantime is a hop lovers dream.

 Meantime, The Old Brewery

Meantime, The Old Brewery: A taste of tradition and authentic London brewed beer

Craft Beer Co.

If you're looking for some hop-tastic brews then Craft Beer Co. is the place for you. Housing casks, kegs and bottles of only the best independent microbreweries canvassing the whole of England, Craft Beer stock the likes of Thornbridge, Dark Star, Ilkley and will soon be celebrating the invasion of the Northern Monk Brew Co. set to hit the South on the 25th. Tap into their extensive collection of beers and savour the flavour of individual microbrewery styles. 

CRATE Brewery

Hackney's brewbar born in 2012 serving up the ultimate game night special of homemade beer and pizza. The Hackney Wick venue plays home to host of bars, breweries and event spaces making the Queen's Yard a Mecca for all things handcrafted and delicious. Offering a humble range of 6 beers from lager to I.P.A and even a Cider somewhere in there, CRATE believe in one thing - taste.CRATE Brewery

CRATE Brewery, Hackney Wick: An industrial space boasting canal-side pints and pizza.