The Retreat London Olympics Pop-up Bar

The Brewery on 52 Chiswell street will be transformed into The Retreat this summer with six themed areas offering an exclusive London Olympics experience. The attractions include a courtyard park, a British Diner with classic British cuisine and a juke box, a Nightclub with a fancy lounge bar and dance floor, a Cinema with a great screen and sound system for the most important Olympic broadcasts. The Country club room emits a traditional English sensation of comfort and pleasure. The backstage area is for pampering with massages, manicures and glitzy decors. Every room in Retreat is equipped with big screens letting you follow every inch of the competitions as the London 2012 Olympics unravel.

Five minutes from Liverpool Street Station this is where you want to be tucked away, impressing clients as the Olympic Games sparkle in London 2012 and traffic clogs up. Not everyone is planning to turn into a sport goggling couch potato this summer and The Retreat pop-up bar caters to any urge. They promise interactive activities and experiences alongside the Olympics broadcasts and evening entertainment where presenters and personalities will engage with members before blasting off live music until 2am. The Retreat Olympic pop-up bar is keen for the working bees of the City of London not to miss any of their favourite events, offering a nearby refuge before, during or after office hours. Corporates looking for a branded space to privately entertain clients and guests can be provided with a space tailored after their needs.

The Retreat Olympics pop-up bar is a luxurious City of London members sanctuary.


Membership includes unlimited fine food and drinks and is offered on a daily (£294 ), evening (£150 ) or full 17 day basis (£3,000). For bookings click here. The seasonal membership is transferable so as long as you didn't plan to visit the bar at the same time you can easily lend out or share a membership to the Retreat Olympics Pop up bar in the City of London for summer 2012.