The Jameson Works x Galvin Brothers Whiskey Den Pop-up

Beakers, copper, wood and Whiskey - furniture assemble!

Someone once said Whiskey is like a beautiful woman; she needs appreciation (and attention). And so we find that The Jameson Works and Galvin Brothers have collaborated to create a one of a kind drinking experience hosted at the Reverend JW Simpson bar, where that appreciation can be truly nurtured. 

The Whiskey Den is more of a concept than a bar; designed with the intent to develop an interactive level to your Whiskey swilling episodes, the furniture is an inherent part of inventing new and distinct ways to enjoy that beautiful Bourbon babe. With the Yorkshire based contemporary furniture boys behind the seating arrangements, the design has been inspired by the The Jameson distillery itself with the furniture incorporating key materials from the distillery process such as copper and wood. 

Everything is meticulously thought out to create a fluid drinking experience. It's all in the action of the swivel; there's no need to do anything strenuous because it's all right there, in the bloody furniture. There's in built copper coasters (neat) and benches constructed to hold everything required to concoct the perfect cocktail. Absolutely spot on. Liquids and lounging at its very best.  

The signature cocktail comes in the form of a 'Galvinised Jameson': a punchy blend of tea syrup, lemon juice, elderflower, Jameson and garnished with a lemon balm leaf as well as a charged siphon serve (whatever that is) ... cool. 

The The Jameson Works x Galvin Brothers Whiskey Den Pop-up runs from 2nd July until mid-August, Monday to Saturday from 5pm until 11:30pm.