The Craze That Is Mareditch

Oslo has quickly become one of Hackney's coolest new hangout spots.

The cool kids really don't know where to settle down. First it was Camden, then Shoreditch, then Dalston but even now, all of those areas are a thing of the past. So where's the coolest new spot to hangout at? Mare Street or as it's unofficially being called, "Mareditch".

After the Cock Tavern was named Britain's most beard-friendly pub, it became clear that this was just another sign that the area was now the coolest spot (because having a beard automatically means you're cool). Within the last few months, a multitude of trendy venues have popped up signalling a changing of the guard.

Venues such as Hackney Bureau, The Advisory, Rita's and the above Oslo have demonstrated exactly this. "Mareditch" however isn't the only nickname it's received, equally being called the new "strip" imitating the bustling Kingsland Road and its plethora of iconic venues. The area's close proximity to transportation links such as London Fields and Cambridge Heath have done nothing but help its popularity. 

The question begs whether this is just another trend or if it will become a permanent fixture on London's cool scene? With Brixton becoming another hipster haven in recent times, maybe it's a slow but gradual takeover from the capital's trendy population. Or just another expression of the fickle nature of trendsetters.