The Blitz Party London - Monthly 1940's party in secret London locations

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On a freezing cold night we stood at a crossroads€“ (literally) in East London and wondered where exactly we go next. A glance down an alley across the way revealed a lady, with bright red lipstick, in a tea dress, with a fur stole. It appeared that we had successfully arrived at The Blitz Party. So we waited in a small queue behind a sandbag barrier, waiting for tickets to be checked and names to be ticked off. I was already impressed with what I had seen outside but nothing prepared me for the time machine experience that was to follow walking through the doors of Village Underground.

The old glitz and glam is revived at the Blitz Party

Live trumpets blasted out from the stage at the front, scotch eggs were being hawked on the right by the cloakroom, touch-up make-up stations were already forming queues and as for the rest €“ they were dancing! I have never been to a night out where so few people were sitting down. If you did need to rest your feet there were large wooden tables and chairs near the exit, surrounded by sandbags, and perfect for socialising in your own group or with others. Otherwise you hit the floor of this large warehouse €“ all brick walls and British bunting €“ and dance in ways you never knew you could. The Blitz Party is the embodiment of the 1940€™s. Not only does everyone, and I mean everyone, truly make the effort to look their best €“ soldiers, sailors, suited and booted, tea dresses, fur, pencil skirts, gloves, pillar box hats, nurses€¦the whole shebang, but people throw themselves into the evening with gusto.

Blitz Party

The sound of the trumpets recreate the jazzy vibe of the 1940s

All and sundry (with lots of nationalities to boot) were having a good time dancing, drinking and chatting like it was WW2! The band were superb and when they were not performing their tongue-in-cheek repertoire we heard all the classic 1940€™s songs that almost everyone had stored away in their subconscious from somewhere, perhaps classic TV show Goodnight Sweetheart or those black and white films on a Sunday. The only complaint I heard was that the bar, a temporary structure like everything else and cash only, was mobbed at the start €“ this will happen when cocktail are on offer €“ but the crowd were neither drinking too much nor bothered when the drinks that were coming out were such good quality. There were cocktails such as €œBlitz€, €œReborn€ and one with apple and elderflower through it €“ all for around £7.50. I opted for G&T€™s for the night, £4 for a double and mixer and my favourite gin €“ Blackwoods vintage €“ was their chosen brand. They also had a beer or two and plenty of champagne bottles were doing the rounds with the old style saucer glasses. By the time the drinks had loosened up inhibitions it didn€™t seem worth the time to stop and drink when there was a final romantic dance to have before the boys returned to the front€¦I mean the taxi queue.

Dress-up, Drink, and Dance @ Blitz Party

The party lasts into the night, we left at 2.30 and although quieter those remaining showed no signs of giving up. So back to that taxi queue. Book in advance. It may mean leaving 20 minutes earlier than your friends but cabs at that time are few and far between and you'€™ll realise as soon as you sit down just how tired you are! A fantastic night which I would highly recommend to everyone and especially if you can get a group together. I€™ll be back; I€™ve got the hat now anyway!

The Blitz Party's next event will take place on Saturday 3rd June, buy tickets here.