By Leighanne Bent.

 Nightlife Map

The Northern Line's finally had the nightlife makeover.

Now that it’s here, it’s very  hard to imagine London (and life) without the night tube. No longer do we have to worry about getting a billion night buses to cover one half of the journey home, or horrifically waking-up to find that UberLUX has taken you and your bank account for everything you’ve got. Yup. It’s been a life-changing year for us booze-loving, night owls.

Having said that, it’s also been a tough year for London’s nightlife scene with loss of iconic clubs, bars and pubs; but with around 100,000 passengers using the night tube every weekend since launching, it’s clear that Londoners are very much on board with the new 24-hour system. As the saying goes, the s̶h̶o̶w̶  club must go on.

The Piccadilly Line is scheduled to launch on the 16th of December, but today is the day that TFL add the Northern Line as their fourth route. Late-night revellers will now be able to travel from High Barnet and Edgware to Morden via Charing Cross on weekends. Although we’re absolutely devastated that we can’t tap in and out of Old Street Station (it’s on the Bank branch), we’ve added a number of late night bars and clubs along the rest of the Northern Line to keep you busy.