Add a little something different to your summer evening; fill a hot tub with all your friends and enjoy some delicious food.

London's fascination with enjoying all the Summer has to offer seems to reach new heights year after year. This summer is no different; you've got the chance to unwind under the stars with an ice-cold cocktail and some delicious canapés whilst sat in a Hot Tub!

For one month this Summer, Supper Tub places itself on the banks of the canal in Hackney Wick. Probably one of London's most unique pop-ups, it allows visitors to combine the usually-separated sensations of craving delicious South American cuisine and relaxing in the bubbles of a wood-fired hot tub. This bar opens on the 26th June and is a great way to enjoy all that the mid-summer period has to offer. Whether you want to top up your tan during the day, watch the sun go down in the evening, or sit back under the stars at night, you'll leave this spot full of great food and thoroughly relaxed. Trust us, you won't forgot about this experience anytime soon. 

After having had a few Pisco Soars, guests will be served bite-sized Seafood Ceviche before being given Marinaded Steak, Halloumi and Mango with a lime dressing, and Sweet Potato as a main course. Supper Tub then wraps up the evening in style, presenting its probably-pruned guests with mouth-watering Chocolate Brownies and an exotic fruit platter. Accompanying the incredible food, each hot tub boasts its own decked seating area, the perfect spot to take a breather if you find yourself overcome by the bubbles. Sounds good right?

If you want to milk the summer for all its worth, but fancy something different from the usual picnic battle with a wasp for the last strawberry, then look no further. Fantastic cocktails, delicious food, and hot tubs... Supper Tub has all the answers.

Supper Tub will be open between the 26th June and the 26th July. Open Thursday 18:00-22:30, Friday 18:30-23:00, Saturday 15:00-22:30, Sunday 14:00-21:00.