Smuggle your favourite liquor past guards and into JAIL at prison bar Alcotraz

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Alcotraz Prison Bar Pop Up

Orange is the New Bucks Fizz? The Shawshank Rum & Coke? The Great Espresso Martini? These probably need work...

You’re in prison, so what now? Normally, it’d probably be thinking about your life choices, avoiding the big scary guys and maybe a bit of light reading, but Alcotraz isn’t your usual kind of jail. This gaol is filled with bartenders ready to shake you up something special… as long as you don’t get caught by the warden.

This immersive drinking experience in Shoreditch sees you thrown behind bars with the goal of smuggling in your favourite bottle of liquor as contraband. You’ll get help from the plucky, orange jumpsuit-wearing bartenders – hopefully arrested in a police crackdown on selling £7 pints – and once inside, they’ll be able to shake you up a range of cocktails based on your liquor and your personal tastes, using a variety of homemade syrups, juices and bitters the guards have allowed them to keep. This prison bar is set to be a world crime and corruption, made just a bit sweeter with the addition of mixed drinks. So if you think you’re brave enough to don that orange jumpsuit, get through the corrupt guards and into the cool, metallic cells to drink some great cocktails, Alcotraz awaits you. 

Alcotraz: The Prison Cocktail Bar is open from 28th September until the 16th December in Shoreditch, and you can get your tickets here.