Skylight are opening a neon-lit winter playground with London's only rooftop ice rink

Published . By Tom Capon.

Skylight winter playground at Tabacco Dock

It might be cold but oh em gee everything's so pretty. 

While most places use the dying leaves or the shortened days to tell when winter is finally here, London uses winter wonderland pop-ups. So you'll notice the season to be jolly is right round the corner thanks to Skylight launching their own seasonal playground on their rooftop space in Tabacco Dock.

Not only will it be festive and adorable, this neon-lit paradise will also feature London’s only rooftop skating rink (presumably with big barriers round the edge), with real life ice that's perfect for people dreaming of skating round and looking lovingly in your partner’s eyes. Meanwhile, those of a more aggressive (or single) disposition can take part in their ice hockey penalty shooting game on the lower floor. You'll also enjoy delicious, delicious fondue and street food in their heated outdoor and indoor spaces, as well as all manner of mulled drinks while you soak up some spectacular views of East london. Well go on then, what’s winter in London without a bit of rooftop partying?

Skylight is open from Thursday 2nd November, Thursday & Friday 5pm - 11pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 11pm, at Tabacco Dock in Wapping.