FAMILY FUN BY DAY: Could this really be on London's doorstep during the dreary winter months? Credit:
Don't get us wrong, we love the winter, but with the nights getting shorter, darker, and colder, there's a little part of us that already misses those summertime vibes - chilling by the pool with a cider, parading around in vests & skirts, and simply reveling in that communal joy that fills the streets of London when the sun's out. Naturally, we're super excited by the plans for Summertime - an immersive party space that will offer up a warm, hyper-real tropical paradise in the middle of winter!

CLUBBING UTOPIA BY NIGHT: Escape the winter chills and enjoy festival vibes without having to hop on a plane! Credit:

The idea behind Summertime comes from the same geniuses behind Glastonbury's Shangri-La, but their plans for this is bigger than anything they've ever pulled off before. A trip to Summertime will be 'like going to an immersive festival in a jungle paradise' - expect hot tubs, jungle landscaping, a whopping 40ft waterfall, artificial day & night cycles, and a DJ booth that overlooks this enormous party utopia.

Sounds incredible, right!? Well, the entire project is being crowd-funded, meaning not only can you make this a reality, but you could actually own a share of equity in this tropical party paradise too! Let's help make it happen!