6 Best Seafood Boils In London

Though it started out life back in ol’ Louisiana, as a way for communities to get together and catch up over some delicious grub, seafood boils have made their way to the English capital. And now? Restaurants across the city are slinging out all manner of crustaceans, from lobster and crab to crawfish and shrimp, swimming in fiery, garlicky sauces. Drool. So, if you’re looking for the best seafood boil in London, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve lined up the top spots right here.


Trap Kitchen Camden

Home of soul food on Chalk Farm Road in Camden, Trap Kitchen is making sure you can get your fix of seafood boil. Their £50 boil bag includes one lobster tail, a snow crab cluster, five steamed prawns, and buttered corn and egg, with garlic bread and mukbang sauce served alongside. Better yet, they've got plenty of rum-heavy cocktails to accompany.

Trap Kitchen Camden Seafood Boil Bag | DesignMyNight

This Camden hotspot even has jerk chicken and mac'n'cheese on the side.

Plaquemine Lock

Boasting stylish interiors, quirky artwork and live jazz most nights, Angel's Plaquemine Lock is transporting you to New Orleans. And it doesn't stop there either, as the pub is also keeping hunger at bay with a Creole-inspired crawfish boil, featuring homemade andouille sausage, corn, potato and celery. Need something to pair? Grab a cocktail or real ale.

Plaquemine Lock Creole Seafood Boil London | DesignMyNight

You won't want to miss out on this seafood boil restaurant in London.

Fishbowl Brixton

Nestled on Atlantic Road, Fishbowl Brixton is a family-run business that knows a thing or two about top-notch grub. Choose from prawns, snow crab, lobster or a mix of the three, which all come with potatoes and corn on the cob, elevated with delish African spices. Plus, if you fancy something on the side, there's sweet potato fries, Cajun chips and crispy calamari.

FishbowlBrixton Seafood Restaurant London | DesignMyNight

This joint doesn't compromise on flavour or quality when it comes to its produce.

Hot N Juicy Shrimp

After becoming a staple across Southern America, Hot N Juicy Shrimp landed in London, now feeding the people of Oval, Dulwich and Bethnal Green. Each venue is adorned with ocean-inspired decor, including cute neon signs in the shape of crabs. On the menu? Seafood boil combos featuring lobster tails, king prawns, crab, mussels and so much more.

Hot N Juicy Shrimp Seafood Boil UK | DesignMyNight

This might just be the best seafood restaurant in the UK.

Fat Crab

It's all about customisation at Clapham's Fat Crab, where you can pretty much build your own boil bag. And it's not short on choices either, with everything from crawfish and spider crab to lobster, clams and mussels on the menu. As for seasoning, opt for either garlic butter, Cajun, lemon pepper or the 'whole shabang', which blends the three together.

Fat Crab Cajun Seafood Boil London | DesignMyNight

When looking for a seafood boil in London near me, Fat Crab has got what you need.

Pelican State

Get your napkins at the ready, as Pelican State is blowing it out of the water with its Cajun seafood boil in London. Whether you head to the Bloomsbury or Baker Street outposts, you'll be treated to vibrant interiors, not to mention some seriously fabulous fare. We're talkin' mouthwatering fruits de la mer, elevated with the fiery flavours of Southern America.

Pelican State Seafood Boil Near Me London | DesignMyNight

You can even pair your feast with an expertly paired cocktail here.

Angry Crab Shack

On the hunt for a seafood boil in London’s Chinatown? Found on Rupert Street, Angry Crab Shack is providing us with a casual dining experience where you can create your own seafood boil bag. Pick between crab, crayfish, shrimp or scallops, plus add in extras like sausages and hard-boiled eggs, before choosing your sauce flavour and spice level.

Angry Crab Seafood Boil London Chinatown | DesignMyNight

Don't be crabby, head to Rupert Street to try this Seafood boil in London's menu.

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