Underground Film Club

Expect a labyrinth of brickwork arches and shadowed corners at this underground cinema set-up.

The blight of winter is nearly upon us. After a summer of scorching screenings, the Rooftop Film Club are retreating to a subterranean existence in one of the most iconic underground destinations, Waterloo station's The Vaults. This November will see the pioneers of sneaky pop-up screenings become rebranded as the Underground Film Club. 

Taking up residency hidden under The Vaults railway arches, you can expect an underworld of Victorian luxe with exposed brickwork and dark, dingy chambers characterising this space. Their winter hibernation will start on 6th November and last until 20th December with five screenings a week flickering up this mysterious maze. 

Holding up their reputation for a blockbusting program, the Underground Film Club will be screening everything from the likes of cult classics The Breakfast Club, Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction to Hollywood powerhouse sensations Top Gun, Casablanca, American Psycho and Dirty Dancing. Get your fix of Tom cruise in that oh-so-slick leather bomber, fancy a bit of Bale going loco or even imagine yourself as Baby dribbling over that cool cat Patrick Swayze. Satisfying the film fanatic and the big-screen dabbler, sit back into the theatre style chairs and go completely square eyed at this secretive cinema den. 3, 2, 1, action!