Protip: You better bring two pairs of pants... just incase you get a hole in one. 

Brixtonians, rejoice! Plonk are venturing "daan saaf". With Christmas over, these crazy golf kings have packed up their Winterville course, driven it through the Blackwall Tunnel and reassembled it in Brixton's favourite independent pub, The Duke Of Edinburgh. 

So, if you fancy a night of swinging, the Duke's back garden is the place to be - head out into the heated marquee and get ready to play a few holes. Much like the super-cool courses in Dalston and Hoxton, Plonk's outpost in Brixton is a sight to behold - expect to play your way around tiki-themed totems and into volatile volcanos. 

On top of that, Plonk will be serving up tropical tipples here too. They've opened a tiki-themed bar to help steady your nerves, so feel free to drink as you drive. Oh, and if you find yourself a little peckish, head inside for some traditional pub grub - club sandwich and a side of wedges, anyone? ...rough. 

Plonk Crazy Golf is strictly for over 18's and costs £7.50 per person. The course in Brixton opens from 4-11pm everyday except Mondays.