Nightjar new cocktail menu

A festival of Mehicana mugs, custom designs and hand crafted cocktails at their best.

There's only certain night life news that gets people really amped up in London, and Nightjar is certainly top of the score boards in this ring. With sunny days and blue skies on the horizon, Nightjar is reclaiming its stronghold in the list of the world's best bars with the release of their Spring/Summer cocktail menu. And my, it is a corker - pay attention.

Champions of period tipples and tailored ingredients, the new menu is a whirlwind of flavoursome wonderment where balancing tastes is an art washed with tapestry's of home made syrups, purees, herbs and aromas. There's native liquors plucked from lands across the world and combinations designed to invigorate the palate to exotic levels. Intricate innovation is a concept liquefied in Nightjar's drinks offering. Their menu documents the evolution of the cocktail through the most legendary drinking decades taking you from Pre-prohibition punches to the bathtub booze of Prohibition days and on to Postwar inspired sups rounded off by their Signature section, which is where they make their statement identity in the industry. 

Starting our journey somewhere in Boston in 1898, Ward 8 is a killer pre-prohibition drink of sharp, sour and tangy character where Korean BBQ sauce lines the rim for an extra kick. The Inca cocktail is an homage to South American style dousing this classic with a cheeky twist that subs Tequila with Gin, making it a playground for dry and savoury tastebuds. Moving on to Post-war is the Happy Buddha; merging tropical tones with botanical infusions, this little number is a colourful expression of a Tiki stalwart. Taking us into their Signature section is a little number called Tea in St James'. Toying with quintessential Britishness, a traditional English Cream Tea sits at the centre of this cocktail making it certified splendid. 

Those are only the tip of the iceberg ladies and gentlemen...

The Nightjar Spring/Summer menu launches in May.