Summer Tales

Summer siestas, feasts and frolics in the sun are coming.

Out of the dark and into the daylight comes Night Tales sunny fiesta, Summer Tales. Need we tell you more? No. But, we're going to anyway because it's Spring god damn it and this means we're one probably average season away from total and utter glory. With hot days and nights on the horizon, you can sack off any Amazonian expeditions you've got planned and get your jungle fix right in this here City. No, really.

The cute and cosy plot once candle lit for Night Tales is being transformed into a playground of tropical wonderment; revel in rainforest-style treehouses where rope swing chairs will ... er, swing and hammocks will sway. There'll be mini adventure trails to take you from the dense jungle floor where you'll find Mowgli and Balloo stuffing their faces, to balconies above and ray-catching terraces. Summer Tales is an oasis of alfresco mayhem with the 4 crucial survival package contents within minimal reaching distance: booze, eats, beats and sun. 

Now you can see yourself chilling in canopy's and surrounded by lush green shrubbery, we'll give you the low down on the food front. Burger & Lobster will be making an entrance onto the Pop-up scene, alongside fan favourites like Bonnie Gull's Seafood Shack, Morty & Bob's, Forza Win and Pizza Pilgrims. Thirst quenching satisfaction will come from the Lazy Flamingo Cocktail Bar, a Frozen Punch Bar and the Coco Shack for (some naturally sourced refreshment). 

Music is yet to be announced but if the Night Tales line-up is anything to go by then we're not worried. Winter saw Rudimental, Will Saul, Gorgon City and Kidnap Kid grace the decks so this can only mean the Summer Tales stage will be bigger, better and oh-so-beautiful in it's sunny glow. Boom.

Summer Tales opens on 22nd May until 29th August.