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Londoners! Gather round as I have just discovered a new secret. Unhealthy pre-drinks eating is now a thing of the past. When you are getting ready for your night out in London or have friends round before the big night of London clubbing, forget the frozen pizzas from unnamed supermarkets or the calorific and greasy pizza delivery services; I stumbled accross a new london pizza delivery service that will change your London pre-drinks habits forever! 

The other weekend I had a group of friends over for pre-drinks. The Dark and Stormy cocktails were flowing but we were also pretty damn hungry. Of course, as ever, my fridge was empty but my freezer had two frozen pizzas waiting to be devoured. To my horror, my friend told me to see how many calories were in this simple Margherita Pizza...1000 calories! That is the equivalent of 5 Mars bars! I am by no means a health freak but this shocked me. Luckily I had a lightbulb moment and remembered a company my mate had told me about - Bake At Home Pizza. Essentially it is a fresh, hand-made pizza delivered to your door in 20 mins un-cooked. 8 minutes in the oven and you have a fresh, gourmet pizza to eat. We gave it a go..

The menu is seasonable and had some lovely spring/summer toppings. We decided on two 12 inchers: Market Two which contained Ham, Salami, Crispy Pancetta, Home-Made meatballs, Tomato and Mozzarella and the Classic Eleven which had Goat's Cheesse, Red Onion Chutney, Roasted Tomatoes, Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella. Coming in at £6-£12 they are cheaper than the well-known London pizza delivery companies. 

As promised, the pizzas arrived within 15 minutes. Opening up the (bio-degradable) bag they come in, was a joy - a beautifully fresh pizza covered in delightful, healthy-looking toppings! No insipid vegetables or over-processed meats here. Large fresh meat-balls, glowing salami and generous cylinders of Buffalo Mozzarella. After 8 mins in the oven they were ready! As recommended, we cut the thin pizzas using scissors and everyone tucked in! I have to say, they were the best pizza I have ever eaten: Better than any restaurant or of course better than the greasy standard take-away. The dough had a smooth texture and the rich tomato sauce was delicious. Five of us were fully stuffed on these two pizzas due to the large amounts of generous toppings. 

They also do fresh cookies that you put in the oven for 15 minutes and deli-style side orders. Next time you have a group of friends over for pre-drinks before going on your London night out I highly recommend you throw away your frozen pizza, throw away your other pizza takeaway menus and instead visit www.bakeathomepizza.co.uk - bare in mind that they cover certain parts of London so check out their website for delivery details - A few of these pizzas, Itunes library on loud and jugs of Dark and Stormy cocktails will ensure the best pre drinks house party London will have ever seen!