With a rooftop terrace that overlooks London's iconic skyline, Gherkin and Shard in view, the Skylounge atop the DoubleTree Hilton in Tower Hill transforms into a stage of Summer themed drinking and dining. On the map this year - Nantucket

Bringing East Coast chillin' ashore from the small American island of Nantucket, Skylounge has made its deck into a space of white picket fences, swinging benches and nautical themed decor where boats are washed up on the sides and fishing baskets make for table stands. There's white painted picnic benches, netting draped from the roof and even seagulls perching on the ends of tables. Most importantly though, there is a shabby little 10 pin wooden bowling lane down one side of the terrace (yes). This sky high resort is a Summer inspired vacay of island life, idyllically captured in a kind of style that can only be characterised as coastline cool. 

Nantucket Beach Club Rooftop Bar

Pitchers of Pimms inspired cocktails and shoreline shrubbery decorate this bar. 

The clue is in Nantucket; it's all about seafood. The Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese (£12) was an obvious choice (naturally) and something of a melting moment on hitting the mouth. Putting on an impressive spread of sea fare, we took to the Spicy and Crunchy Rhode Island Calamari rings (£8) complete with a Chipotle mayo. Certainly true to everything they claimed to be, a slight kick and enough texture to have you chomping your way through squid like a happy little chappy. Our snacking sides took the shape of Crispy Buttermilk Onion Rings with a Ranch Sauce and Fried Courgettes with Garlic Mayo (both £6.50)- it's safe to say that these battered goods went down an absolute treat. 

Gulfing down their Surfside Punch was the perfect Summer spritza to kick the evening off garnished with cubes of cucumber, chunks of orange and sprigs of mint (now, if that ain't Summer in a glass, what is?). This blend of Camomile infused Vodka and Lanson Champagne was gently floral bubbly concoction. Next was the Cape Codder Ale, another Nantucket signature, and a simple fusion of Snow Queen Vodka, Cranberry juice and Ginger ale - lively with a good balance of bitter and sweet. Of course, after we'd toyed with the cocktails and put the bartenders to test, we ordered a round of the Snow Queen Slushies; straight up. No elaboration necessary - it was everything a slushie should be (+ vodka). 

Nantucket Beach Club Rooftop bar

Red plastic baskets are a standard at this seafood shack.

Once you've gorged on all manner of seafood creatures, there's only one thing left to do. Enjoy a spot of bowling and take in the views from this lounge in the sky. Nantucket - it's a rap. 

This pop-up runs until 30th September.