There's a new clucking tasty pop-up coming to the streets of Soho. For six weeks, from 18th March - 28h April, Mother Clucker, the Southern fried chicken aficionados, will be taking over The Endurance pub in Soho and providing Londoners with a permanent(ish) source of great food. The event will commence the day after St. Patrick's Day festivities and provide some much needed protein, after a weekend of heavy boozing. The centre piece of the MC Endurance menu will be Mother Clucker Combo - a cup of Cluster Clucks, a french trimmed drumstick, waffle fries and an American biscuit - a veritable cluck load tasty chicken.

Mother Clucker at The Endurance Finger Licking Good, right?

Also on offer will be a hearty Chicken Biscuit Burger; fried chicken breast layered with homemade American jalapeño cheese and hot sauce in a biscuit bun served with fries. If you haven't been enticed yet, there will also be a criminally good selection of sides including wings, fried jalapeños and waffle cheese fries. Furthermore, Mother Clucker’s condiments will include a rotation of three homemade hot sauces. Consisting of in-season peppers and an array of aromatics and spices they are able to ensure the finest of ingredients and a control over heat intensity.

Chicken at The Mother Clucker Pop-Up at The Endurance

 Mother Clucker is one of many great pop-ups in London

All of the chicken is free range and brined for 12 hours in a sweet tea brine and then marinated for a further 12 hours in buttermilk hot sauce mix... cluck me! This is not where the magic show stops, once all of that is done, the chicken is dredged in flour mix with a secret blend of herbs and spice, then twice fried. The initial brine imparts the complex flavours of an Earl Grey based tea mix along with a touch of sweetness, and the second marinade plumps the chicken and brings in a bit of bite. The double fry ensures maximum crunch. 

Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker is sure to set the already vibrant Soho scene alive

The Mother Clucker will run for six weeks at The Endurance Pub in Soho - one of Soho's best pubs - from 18th Mach - 28th April. Lunch 12 - 4, Dinner 6 - 10 Lunch reservations only.