Meet Hoff-toberfest, the UK's first ever David Hasselhoff-themed Oktoberfest

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

David Hasselhoff Hoff-toberfest at Bavarian Beerhouse

The only time of year where you can hassle the Hoff. 

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest and thought: this event needs MORE hairy men in speedos? Well, you’re in luck, you weirdo, because this year the Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street are hosting the “UK’s first ever Hoff-toberfest” that pays tribute to Germany’s inexplicable superstar, David Hasselhoff. Expect The Hoff's… classic tunes played by an actual, authentic German brass band, Hoff memorabilia everywhere and even exclusive clips from his new film, Killing Hasselhoff. And there’s steins of delicious, cold, numbing beer too. Gott segne dich, David.

Hoff-toberfest will be hosted at the Bavarian Beerhouse in Old Street on Friday 29th September, from 7pm until 1am. More details and booking here.