Discovering the coolest hot-spots for clubbing in London is more of a brutal adventure than a suitable pursuit for casual amateurs. Yes, the edgiest clubs in London are notoriously deceptive. You need to pad down walls in dodgy alleyways to find secret doors, decode cryptic flyers, pass ironic gatekeepers and most importantly: abandon all your preconceptions. So the most serious clubbers looking for a DJ to save their life will end up at perhaps Fabric night club, Ministry of Sound, EGG and XOYO. But for those who dare; here is a little clubbing secret for those bold enough to try something more eclectic. 

The club is called LOW and is only accessible through a hidden entrance within an eccentric Russian restaurant, Abracadabra. Once you’re down the ominous staircase you realise this is the ultimate Mayfair maverick! LOW has more in common with Deep House nights in cool Berlin, urban Detroit, Ibiza or the East End than the commercial sweet and sleek style of West End clubs.   




LOW hosts world famous international DJs and up-and-coming stars in its bespoke boutique club built to cater for top notch sound quality and raving late-nights. Equipped with amazing acoustics and impenetrable soundproofing they let their VOID sound system (which is one of only three in the world) really blast you away to the most intense Tech House. It’s all about the music. DJs who have all brought down the house at LOW include Seth Troxler, Andre' Galluzzi, Clockwork, Superlounge, System Of Survival, Ianvs71, Bpitch Control, DC-10, Russ Yallop, Alex Arnout.

LOW club in London

The clientele is an edgy crowd of international in-the-know hard-core clubbers and their friends. It’s no wonder LOW fans include the likes of Drake, Rihanna and Florence. Further mind-blowing is the interior which is lavish but surreal with hundreds of LED sparkles and hot pink banquets. As swish as it sounds, the Members bar claim is only ironic. Anyone passionate about clubbing can join the high-flying party society at LOW for an all-nighter of bitching beats and clubbing bliss.

Make sure you book a table or get yourself on the guest list.