Now everyone may have a chance to enjoy a nighttime swim!

Good news comes to East London as Hackney Council and leisure centre operator GLL have released plans to keep London Fields lido open after dark. This has been greeted with great enthusiasm by frequent visitors, as a lot of fanatical swimmers miss out during winter time as they're still at work when the lido closes at 4.30pm.

After an overwhelming amount of complaints about these annoying times, they have started discussions about keeping the popular swimming pool open after dark! The plan (as we understand it) is to instal floodlights; this option has been carefully selected in order to minimise potential light pollution for local residents (win, win for everyone then eh?). Another idea being touted is that only quieter activities, such as lane swimming and lessons will take place during these hours.

So if you're barmy enough to go swimming outside in the middle of winter, London Fields lido might soon be able to oblige. Good luck, and double check you packed your towel. Nothing worse, seriously.