London Could Be Getting Its First Dumpling Festival This Summer

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London dumpling festival 2018

The festival will bring together some of the best dumplings in London.

This summer will see London's first ever dedicated dumpling festival. Organised by online Japanese food lovers community, We Love Japanese Food, the event will supposedly see the coming together of the biggest variety of dumplings the city has seen. Bringing some of the best dumplings in London under one roof, visitors will also have the opportunity to learn how to make their own.

While the city has seen dumplings feature as part of food festivals, such as the Chinese Food Festival that took place back in September, this will be the only large-scale event that has focused solely on these delicious morsels. Alongside the dumpling love-in, there will also be on-site bars and live bands and DJs ready to play all your favourite tunes.  

London's First Dumpling Festival takes place on July 7th, the location is still to be announced.