Raise Your Pinkies To London's First Chicken Wing Afternoon Tea

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Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Chicken Wing Afternoon Tea

Say goodbye to delicate cucumber sandwiches and hello to finger-licking good nosh.

Those pesky Americans have a got a habit of taking quintessentially British things and well... making them better. Be it inviting an awe-inspiring gospel choir to join in on royal wedding proceedings, adding the genius of Steve Carell to The Office, or taking the classic jam sandwich, and slathering it with peanut butter - they’re always ready to go that extra mile.

But, this offering is taking the Stateside one-upmanship to a whole new level. That’s right people, chicken wing afternoon tea exists in London and we’re not quite sure what to make of it.

The brainchild of Randy’s Wing Bar, the three-tiered feast is doing away with raised pinkies and replacing them with some down and dirty munching action. Priced at £45 for two people, the stand comes complete with two juicy burgers, a mammoth portion of loaded fries and a lip-smacking selection of the diner’s finest wings. Dripping with buffalo, Kansas and garlic parmesan sauce, these babies are just about as far from the refined scone as you can get.

And if that wasn’t enough? The top tier is piled high with melt in the mouth brownie bites. While the menu fails to mention if you’ll be able to get an actual cuppa, we’re sure the team of in-house mixologists will be more than happy to knock you up a Long Island iced tea to wash it all down with.

One for your grandma? Maybe not….

Randy's Wing Bar has restaurants in Hackney Wick and Tower Hill. The afternoon tea platter is available between Tuesday and Sunday and is priced at £45 for two people. Looking for more quirky afternoon tea inspiration? Check out our guide here.