Lockdown Playlists From Your Favourite London Bars And Restaurants

Published . By Tom Edwards.

I know that my neighbours are probably getting tired of my nightly one-man renditions of Ariana, Britney and Gaga songs; I know that my flatmates are getting sick of me forcing karaoke every night; I know that… we are all missing our favourite bar just a little bit. Whether you want to emulate your favourite night out, your best jazz bar memory or you’re just missing your favourite bar’s chill music then don’t fret - just scroll on down. We’ve rounded up 8 playlists from some of London’s best bars and restaurants. The best bit? They’re all available to stream on Spotify.

G-A-Y Bar / Heaven


While I may be a weekly guest of both of these establishments, truth be told, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss their music (along with their £4 double vodkas). Sit tight for nearly four hours of totally lip-syncable jams that will be guaranteed to get you out of your seat and turning your flat into a ‘Heaven’ of your own. When tunes from the likes of Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Cher come on? You'll certainly need to believe in life after love/isolation.

fun bar playlist heaven london

Coming all the way from Soho to your sofa.

Simmons Bars


London’s best happy hour may be on a short hiatus, but your home life needn’t be filled with many unhappy hours (see what we did there). Expect a 2 for 1 on both legendary throwbacks from the likes of Whitney Houston and noughties classics from Eve and Mary J. Blige. Keeping it short and sweet at 2.5 hours long, this playlist can be switched on the moment 5 o’clock hits for a perfect accompaniment to after work drinks in your living room.

simmons bar playlist london

If only the teacup cocktails could be streamed too.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club


Ronnie Scott’s present to you the ‘Jazz 60’, a carefully-curated collection of 6 and a half hours of pure jazz. Start your evening with Wes Montgomery’s ‘Four on Six’ along with a whiskey highball to really unwind from the stresses of the day. Feel your true inner bootlegger with both instrumental and epic vocal renditions made to suit any mood.

ronnie scott online jazz playlist london jazz club

Soho’s finest are gonna saxophone it in - do I need to reed-iterate?

Honest Burgers


Honest Burgers have blessed us with their ‘True British Spirit’ playlist, designed to keep spirits high - something that we definitely all need right now. A modest near 2-hour collection of songs performed by famed British artists is all we didn’t know we needed from Honest Burgers. Sit back and enjoy the likes of Oasis, The Cure and Florence + The Machine.

honest burgers online playlist

We’re glad we found this gem… honestly.



by CHLOE. first captured our hearts with their legendary vegan burgers and now they’ve piqued our interest again with a collection of four predominantly female-led playlists. Indulge in the soulful stylings of Aretha Franklin and the mezzo-soprano musings of Stevie Nicks. This is definitely an adaptable playlist as you can work to it, or simply sit back and listen.

by chloe vegan london restaurant playlist

Girl, put your records on.

Tonight Josephine


If you’re craving those party vibes and have been reminiscing of your last epic house party? You need Tonight Josephine’s epic playlist. Expect everything from Little Mix to TLC throwbacks - with some Ne-Yo and Travis Scott sprinkled in for good measure. This playlist is chock full of a whopping 19 hours of songs so if you work well with some tunes then blast Tonight Josephine for nearly the entire day.

tonight josephine disco playlist

Josephine’s gang are en route from Waterloo to you.

Barge East


Imagine 7 hours of latin, jazz and swing foxtrotting right into your flat. We absolutely adore Barge East’s canalside bites and with this playlist we feel like we never left. Not a fan of jazz or swing? Not to fret - rest assured that these songs are all inoffensive and make the perfect addition to any home office.

barge east playlist london

A playlist that will rock the boat.

Callooh Callay


We’re all lovers of Callooh Callay, which is why their presence on Spotify is something we definitely want to drink up. Enjoy an 8 hour medley of retro jams from Kool & The Gang and epic remixes of artists we love like M.I.A. A playlist that perfectly delivers both chill and dance vibes, perfect to meet all the challenges of working/staying home.

callooh callay playlist

Fall down a retro rabbit hole.

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