Is this London's Most Eco-Friendly Bottomless Brunch?

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Published . By Olivia Cheves.

LINO London Bottomless Brunch Low Waste Brunch

LINO are turning scraps into Saturday's favourite meal with their new salvaged brunch offering.

When it comes to being more environmentally savvy, we could all be pulling our socks up a bit more. Sorted your recycling? Phenomenal. Said 'sayonara' to plastic straws? Fantastic. Divested from non-renewable resources and now rely solely on your own biofuel? Kind of gross but it's got to be done. And yet you still can't quit that bottomless brunch habit? Luckily, a new menu from LINO is here to make your weekend indulgences a little more eco-friendly.

The St Paul's restaurant, which already puts focus on low-waste cooking, will be introducing its Salvage Weekend Brunch from the 19th of October. The Saturday afternoon offering will see LINO serving up a range of dishes made with re-used and re-imagined ingredients - think salt cod brandade composed of fish offcuts, and crisps made from leftover potato skins. You'll also be able to get your fix of free-flowing drinks as the restaurant offers some enticing brunch cocktails fronting homemade vermouth and cordial from recycled ingredients, not to mention a signature punch made with bin end wines. 

The Salvage Weekend Brunch is available every Saturday from the 19th of October between 11am-3pm at LINO, 90 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7EB.