A Lego bar pop up is coming to London - REPEAT: A Lego bar is coming to London!

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Lego bar pop up coming to London

Imagine if the bartenders were Lego too...

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to spend hours building something magical, like a castle from a faraway land, or a Batmobile, or a tower so high it could touch the sky? Well, imagine that but you are an adult with a limitless supply of Lego bricks. What would you make? A Lego BAR, obviously, and we’re getting that right here in London.

Details are under-wraps at the moment but it’s definitely going to put Legoland to shame, with one million coloured bricks shipped in to craft the place. You’ll be able to play with the Lego and create whatever you want without your older brother kicking it into a million pieces (even after you spent hours making it look pretty - no I'm not over it). There will be Lego cocktails – hopefully less plastic-y and more themed in Lego glasses – and, because it’s a pop up that exists in London, there’s 90s nostalgia galore. Prepare to build your expectations now, you big kids, because they’ll be constructing it in time for spring. The multi-coloured light at the end of the tunnel.

The Lego bar pop up is coming to a secret London location in the spring.