Callooh Callay will be hosting a teq-KILLA pop-up from April 9th – May 18th as they bring you the the Jubjub. The award winning Shoreditch cocktail bar will be home to their very own authentic Mexican cantina with Jose Cuervo tequila cocktails and all your favourite Mexican street food. Each week will see a different menu and a different theme being showcased. So, think of everything great about Mexico… alcoholic slushies (ok that might just be a London thing), Luchadores, Mariachi, Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, Mexico World Cup 1986, cinema, nachos, tacos, sombreros, sugar skulls, but mainly…. tequila. 

JubJub Does Callooh Callay

For nearly 6 weeks Callooh Callay will be the home of Cantina de Cuervo.

There are four drinks that will stay on the menu each week (Batanga, Paloma, Margarita, Deconstructed Sangrita) but other than that there'll be 6 brand spanking new cocktails each week, including a tequila slushy, and a Mexican street food menu will be running throughout. There will be plenty on during the six weeks so make sure you read what's on below and pick the right one... or if you're a true tequila fan, head down to all the events... I'll see you there. 


what's on

April 9th - April 13th
An introduction to Cantina de Cuervo. Does what is says on the bottle. 
April 16th - April 20th
Cantina de Cuervo presents The Tequila Ambassador. Tomas Estes will join for a reading & signing of his book The Tequila Ambassador. This week’s cocktail menu has been compiled by Tomas.
April 23rd - April 27th
Luchador vs Cantina de Cuervo. It’s on like Donkey Kong.
30th April - May 4th
Cinco de Mayo Week ‘cos one night just ain’t enough. This week will be spent celebrating one of the biggest Mexican holidays on the year. 
May 5th 
Cantina de Cuervo will be taking over Callooh Callay for a full blown Mexican Fiesta with enough piñatas to shake a stick at and a mariachi band thrown in for good measure.
May 7th - May 11th
A menu of some of the best Margarita recipes.
May 14th - May 18th
It’s over, amigos. This week we’ll be mourning The Death of the Cantina as all good Mexicans do - with a party. Think Dia de Los Muertos, but in May.