A Unicorn Pukes Champagne When You Stroke It At This New Bar

Published . By Faith Strickland.

Journey Immersive Bar

The team behind ABQ and The Bletchley are back with possibly their maddest concept yet.

If you're a fan of cracking codes for cocktails or mixing up chemicals to concoct something quaffable, chances are you've heard of Lollipop, or one of their productions. Leading the way with weird and wonderful experiences, this is the group behind the Breaking Bad-themed ABQ, wartime-inspired The Bletchley, and naked restaurant The Bunyadi. And now they're back with three floors of immersive fun.

Set to open this October, Chelsea Funhouse will be split into a basement bar housing The Bletchley (think solving clues and cracking clues for drinks) and an espresso martini bar, Mr & Mrs Black, on the top floor. But it's the middle chunk that's got our attention. Billing itself as 'an immersive restaurant', Journey will serve a series of set menus based on different regions of the world, from an Eastern Bloc-inspired beetroot mousse through to coffee mousse with roots in Kenya. 

But it wouldn't be Lollipop without something a little unusual up their sleeves... Meet Chelsea Pop, a mounted unicorn head which vomits Champagne when you stroke it - we'll leave that one with you.

Chelsea Funhouse is due to open on 459 King's Road, London, SW10 0LR sometime in October. Check out their other productions: ABQThe Bletchley, and The Grid.