Jimmy's Pop Up Is Delivering Fondue Sets, Sunday Roasts, And Wine Direct To Your Door

Published . By Faith Strickland.

Jimmy's Pop Up

Fondue feast for one? Why the hell not?

Jimmy Garcia can usually be found hanging around beside the Thames, hosting iconic pop-ups that range from snow globes filled with vats of fondue over the winter through to summer's DIY BBQ club. And while we're dreaming of sunshine, sizzling meat and cocktails with our friends - Jimmy might just have the next best thing during London's lockdown.

Don't let a little bit of self-isolation stop you from partying as the pop-up king has created two hampers which can be delivered direct to your door. Keep things boujee with Jimmy's Isolation Party, a whopping package that includes either a fondue set (and cheese) for two or a pizza-making kit, with 48-hour proofed dough and toppings such as chorizo, N'duja and burrata. The chef is also using his contacts in London's food and drink industry to create a range of goodie-filled hampers, that can be delivered Tuesday-Friday, including a Sunday roast-inspired package, a camembert and wine-loaded night in option, or a 'Beat The Supermarket' essentials pick.

Jimmy's Isolation Hampers and Party can be purchased here and are available for delivery Tuesday - Friday. Prices start at £35 for two people.