Jimmy's BBQ Club Returns For A Second Year On The Southbank

Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.

Jimmy's BBQ Club Southbank London

Featuring a six-course DIY tasting menu, The BBQ Club will be back on the Southbank from May until September.

Despite the grey, the rain, the wind and the overall ennui that spring has brought us so far, summer is coming, and with summer comes barbecue season. I'm talking warm weather feasting, sunshine sipping, midday merrymaking and looking after that one friend who had one too many Coronas and spends the afternoon sleeping off sunstroke and that poor choice of words. 

Barbecue fanatics need not wait for the full effects of summer to sink in as Jimmy Garcia is bringing his BBQ Club back to the Southbank next month. For the second year running the much-lauded pop up will be taking up pride of place in its rooftop restaurant beside the Thames for four months of smokey goodness.

Featuring a bespoke six-course tasting menu, guests are invited to get their hands dirty by basting and grilling their own meat and fish dishes, such as the 'Hard Core Prawn', 'Proper Kebab' and 'Honey For Ma Sugar'. A big bonus for the halloumi hounds among us, the BBQ Club also offer a six-course vegetarian menu that offers more than a few bits of grilled pepper and a Linda McCartney sausage.

The BBQ Club returns to Southbank from the 5th May to 23rd September 2018. You can find it opposite the Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX.