The Fox Vending Machine

Could this be the start of something new in bars across London?

A vending machine in a bar? Good idea? Bad idea? The locals at The Fox seem to think it’s a great idea as it enables the bar to introduce an additional 40 beers to the menu!

At the moment, The Fox is the only bar in town with this novel new way of serving but if it continues to prove popular then we may see an increase in this sort of idea in the next few years. The Fox’s owner Josh Ryan spent some time tracking one down online and eventually was presented with what stands in The Fox today. 

The machine has a robotic arm that enables it to actually serve craft beers. Josh wasn’t so sure at first, claiming quite rightly that there is a lot of value in having educated staff behind the bar to help customers choose. However, his new acquisition has gone down a storm, adding to the choice and reducing wait time at the bar. We advise that if you like craft beer, to go down there and check it out for yourself!