I love drum and bass and have closely watched its rise to prominence over the last 20 years. Rarely have I seen someone rise through the ranks this quickly. In less than 12 months Netsky has secured releases on some of the biggest names in the scene, and also earned a nomination as 'œBest Upcoming Producer', within just months of his first release, at the drum and bass Arena Awards. With his blend of uplifting, melancholic melodies and heavy dancefloor bass it wasn'™t long before Netsky was well on the radar of London Elektricity and High Contrast. 'œSmile' made it onto Hospitality'™s 'œThis Is drum and bass'. Firmly reserving a seat at drum and basses top table, Netsky has signed exclusively to Hospital. Dj Netsky is already one of the biggest names on the scene but this starlet will without doubt be at the top of the drum and bass tree before too long.

I was so excited to get an insight into what Netsky thinks, likes and what makes him tick...

1) Favourite D+B DJ?

DJ Marky 

2) Favourite producer?

If I have to name just 1, High Contrast

3) Who was your musical inspiration?

I got a lot of inspiration from what my dad used to listen when I was young, he was very much into 70's music and jazz. I think his motown collection influenced my music a lot.

4) Favourite London D+B club to go to?

Matter (RIP) but there's a couple of great other clubs too. I haven't been out in many clubs in London without dj'ing because I'm based in Belgium but Fabric is definitely one of my favorite venues to go out at.

5) Favourite London D+B club to DJ at?

Fabric, did some great nights at Ministry of Sound, Hospitality at Brixton Academy was amazing and East village is great for smaller nights.

6) What do you think of D+B 'œacts' that have managed to hit the mainstream market, such as Pendulum and Chase & Status?

I think it's great. They get a lot of people to hear drum and bass for the first time and that's good for the genre in my opinion. The one thing that the more mainstream acts should keep doing is keeping an edge in their music, it still has to have the typical drum and bass feeling for me.

7) Should D+B stay underground or become more commercial?

I wouldn't say it has to become more commerical as in I don't want the music to change to sell more units but I think it's great the genre is getting more popular.

8) What are the best D+B clubs in the world right now?

Again Matter has to be the best club I ever played at but that's history. There's an amazing club called the Roxy in Czech Republic, there are some massive clubs in St Petersburg and Moscow which I always love to play at, but Belgium has some of my favorite clubs, especially in Antwerp (Trix and Petrol are 2 great examples)

9) Apart from London, where else in the world is D+B a huge scene?

Belgium! The scene is getting so big over here, and I reckon it's gonna keep growing this year. The scene in Australia is pretty big too, especially in Perth.

10) What singer would you love to work with?

The vocalist of Fat Freddy's Drop. He's got one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. 

11) If someone hadn'™t heard your stuff, which Netsky track should they listen to?

'I refuse' is one of them, that track definitely defines what I'm looking for in drum and bass. I'm also into the more dancefloor side wich you can hear in 'Iron heart'. I think it's important to hear different sides of a producer before pigeon-holing them.

12) Why do you love DJ'™ing in London?

Because London has got the best ravers :) everybody goes mental on most nights in London and I haven't seen that kind of energy anywhere else yet.

13) On your time off in London, where do you like to go?

To the Hospital Office to ask for more tshirts :) but I love hanging around Camden too.

14) Favourite D+B track at the moment?

I can't stop listening to 'Hocus Pocus' a new Chase & Status track.

15) Favourite non-dance track at the moment?

"Mount Kimbie - Before I move off" definitely the soundtrack to my Australia tour.

16) How did you get so famous so quickly?

I was very active in getting in contact with all sorts of promotional media, youtube and myspace did so much for me but I also had the luck my tracks where getting played on a lot of radio shows too. I think that's what got me in touch with Hospital Records too. It's all about getting your music out to as many people as you can and just keep hoping some label will hear about you. 

17) Did you DJ on New Years Eve? If so, where? 

I played on a NYE festival in Gisborne, New Zealand called Rhythm and Vines. I'm never gonna forget that night, met a lot of great people and partied 3 days in a row.

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DJ Netsky will be in London at '15 Years of Hospital Records' event at Brixton on 22nd April

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