Dark and Stormy | Rum Based Cocktail

I have to confess that a Dark and Stormy is one of my top 3 favourite cocktails. It is so easy to make but always a winner in a great London bar or indeed at home as pre-drinks. Originally created by the British Navy in Bermuda over 100 years ago, sailors added local Goslings Black Seal Rum to their own home made ginger beer, to €˜spice€™ it up. The drink took its name from the colour of a cloud that only a mad sailor would dare sail under. You€™ll find it served in bars and restaurants all over the Bermudan island and of course here in the London too!

Dark and Stormy

50ml dark Rum

Ginger Beer

Fresh Lime

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes and pour in the ginger beer. Add the measure of dark Rum and watch it float its way down through the glass. Add a twist of fresh lime, drop the lime into the glass and muddle together. 

There are lots of dark Rums out in the market but for me, you have to use Gosling's Black Seal Rum. This is the original Rum used in Bermuda and is simply the best Rum in the market. It compliments the ginger beer perfectly due to the rich, vanilla and butterscotch tones to it.