Hammerschlagen pounds into Dalston this September

Published . By Gurjot Thind.

Hammerschlagen, Dalston, german bar, beerHammerschlagen will open in September and will aim to make this frivolous, rustic game a favourite amounts Britain's beer-enthusiasts.

Based around a renowned German drinking game, Hammerschlagen is a new pop-up bar arriving in Dalston this September. With kegfuls of nails and loads of rustic hammers, the bar will be soundtracked by the sound of drunk revellers furiously pounding a bent nail into a large chunk of wood.

Played religiously in many parts of Germany and Austria, the aim of the game is to sink your metal nail into the wood in the fewest number of whacks. Usually played in groups, whoever takes the most number of swings loses and has to either buy everyone a drink or gulp their own beverage down in one swig.

But at Hammerschlagen in Dalston, there's an even better incentive to win. For adventurous guests that feel particularly Germanic, they'll have the chance to take on the seasoned bartenders. If they manage to defeat these hammer-wielding beer connoisseurs, they'll win a discount on their bar tab. 

Alongside all the fun and games, the bar will have an impressive selection of beers brewed from all over the world. To soak all this up, the mouth-watering Frankfurter sausages and exquisite vegetarian dishes will leave you feeling ready to burst.

Hammerschlagen opens in September in Dalston and will be based at number 79 Stoke Newington Road. It will be open Tuesday through to Sunday, 7pm-2am.