London's Corporate Playground Is Hiding One Of Its Best On The Water Experiences


goboat canary wharf experience review

Become your own captain in not-so-corporate London.

What comes to mind when someone mentions Canary Wharf?

Banks, big buildings and a big lack of weekend energy, right?

From what I've seen of Canary Wharf these days... that's not all true.

With Market Halls nearby, the Elizabeth line in full swing, and restaurants to rival some of London's most popular suburbs, Canary Wharf is coming for you and all you think of it, and that's only improved by GoBoat's residence here.

London's 'drive your own' boat experience (and one of the only locations in the fleet that allows drinking on board), we were invited to steer our own ship amongst the skyscrapers and slow waters in a 1, 2 or 3 hour stint, with more than enough space to 4 adults and an 8-year-old on board.

Provided with a handy map, clear instructions, and the promise of a smidge of sunshine, we set off at a nice humble pace, dodging 14-year-olds on sailing boats and taking in the higher-than-high buildings, with bubbles and hummus on board. Easy to navigate, fun on the occasional wave, and only paling in comparison to some of the super yachts moored nearby (good for them), GoBoat's Canary Wharf location may lack some of the greenery in Paddington, but it's made up for in seeing a truly cosmopolitan side of the city.

And while not a recommendation for speed demons, GoBoat is all about taking in the water and the sights at your own tempo, and I for one will be booking another in no time at all.

GoBoat Canary Wharf sets off from as little as £95 per boat, per hour. Check out our guide to more quirky activities in London here. Want to stay up to date with the latest events? Sign up for our London newsletter.