Alcatraz Gaming Bar

Sega controls at the ready, there's potential for a prison themed gaming bar to land in London.

The rumours are true. Some absolute heroes are trying to get funding to launch a new gaming bar in London. Another, you say? YES, we say and we love it. London is about so much more than just drinking booze; it's about the activities that come along with it. Darts, ping pong, board games, the lot. We love something interactive, and this my friends, is just that. 

Now this concept seems to be inspired by the once federal prison off San Francisco Bay called Alcatraz Island. Pretty cool. And what's more perfect for a department of corrections and rehabilitation than some retro console games? Here's hoping that this cool new idea takes off... stay tuned for updates fellow gaming gang.

The Alcatraz Dive & Video Game Bar has not yet opened and is still securing funding.