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Pints costing only 14p will help the Coin Laundry's thirsty guests celebrate International Beer Day in style.

Retro to the core and ever-stuck in the seventies, the Coin Laundry in Farringdon offers its visitors pints of beer for the unbelievable price of only 14p this August, in what has to be the best beer deal ever served up to the city's revellers. 

With International Beer Day taking place on Friday, the team behind this quirky venue have decided to swipe away decades of inflation and instead serve their range of barley-based drinks at the same competitive prices that featured in 1973. Make no mistake, 1973 definitely wasn't a glamorous time in Britain. What with rolling, city-wide blackouts and Ted Heath's 3 day week in enforcement, it's fair to say the 14p pint price tag was probably one of the few great experiences of the year.

Sickened by inflation and with the unforgettable smell of Brexit still in the air, guests will be urged to leave their troubles at the door and instead celebrate all the things we love about beer at a one day spectacular. To help keep things on an even keel, their usual menu of British comfort dishes will be served as normal. Be warned though, only the first 200 pints are subject to this deal; don't dawdle, be sure to get there as soon as possible.

This great drinks deal is only available on from 12pm on Friday 5th August at the Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market.