We Tried The Veggie Burger At Flock Tower Hill

Published . By Leighanne Bent.

Flock Tower Hill Review

Flock Tower Hill is a cosy hub for coffee connoisseurs near Minories.

Habits. We all have them. Whether it’s biting your nails, failing to put the toilet seat down after a trip to the loo or ordering the same goddamned thing every time you dine out. I had a table booked for Flock near Tower Bridge across the weekend and I made a conscious decision to not order something predictable from their menu.

Starting off our Saturday by clinking coupe glasses brimming with smooth Espresso Martini £8 (that married Absolut Vanilla Vodka and Red Brick coffee), we only had to wait a few minutes before our starter made its way to the table. The fried calamari £7 came dressed in freshly chopped parsley and red chilli with a dainty pot of aioli mayo on the side. Fresh, and encased in a light yet crispy batter, the seafood starter wasn’t a let down. Now, onto the big event: the veggie burger £8. I know. A shocking choice for mains and totally out of character for a meat eater like me. The swordfish steak would have been my first choice, but like I said above, we all have habits, and I wanted to break mine on this particular Saturday. Instead of one massive portobello mushroom, two golden buns held together a handful of meaty mushrooms, fresh lettuce and slices of tomato, all glued together with dollops of gooey gorgonzola cheese. Not only was this meat-free burger filling, but terrifically satisfying with a portion of sweet potato fries £3.50 on the side. London's veggie movement is getting bigger and bolder, with a massive surge in vegan street food launches alone, and after a friendly reminder from Flock's mushroom bun, I’m more than happy to get involved from time to time. 

In the words of Sir Mix-A-Lot ‘you ain’t got none unless you got buns, hun’ and Flock happen to have four different variations printed on their menu, giving them a massive thumbs up in the burger department. Alongside the comfort-focused food menu, the venue itself is a cosy little pad for coffee drinkers, and for the area’s work force to congregate for a bite to eat. Exposed pipework, neon signage, hanging ivy and artwork from a local artist called Sophie Mo give the place its own stamp, and with a new brunch menu on the way very soon, I imagine this place is gonna become a lot busier in the coming weeks.

Flock Tower Bridge is located at 105A Minories, London EC3N 1LA.