Flavourology Are Taking On The Mighty Bagel At This Bonkers Pop Up

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

Gingerline Experience Bagel Warburtons Robert De Niro

Crafting wacky worlds across four rooms, there'll be a different bagel-inspired treat at every stop.

Teaming up with Warburtons for a one-off mystery dining event, Gingerline's Flavourology are tackling the king of the breads - the mighty bagel. To celebrate the launch of Warburton's new full-size bagels, A Bagel Bonanza is bringing you four fantastical rooms of Great British settings, including a kids after school club, where you'll be treated to a different bagel-inspired dish in every location and cheeky drink to boot.  

Bringing that famous Warburtons humour, you'll be met by tongue-in-cheek laughs across the 90-minute experience, and, if our past encounters with Gingerline are anything to go by, dishes that won't fail to make an impact. 

A Bagel Bonanza runs from 2.30pm-10pm on the 7th June 2019 at a secret location near The Strand.