Delving the water's deep, all crustaceans and sea critters are getting their time to shine this October as Seafood Week (7th-14th) comes knocking down the door of some of London's best restaurants. Trawling the city and snatching up some of the finest seafood spots, we've compiled a list of 5 no-brainer options when it comes to eating the very best of the ocean in London. 

Crab Tavern

Boasting a siren-call for some of the best shell-based plates in the business, if you're looking for a cool NYC inspired restaurant with seafood in Broadgate Circle and you're seemingly very specific, then it's Crab Tavern for you. Hunker down over King Crab Legs, do absolutely terrible things to a Soft Shell Crab Burger and try the usual seafood suspects all evening long. 

crab tavern eat crab in london restaurant

When it comes to the best restaurant for crab in London, it's all in a name here.

The Botanist

Own a nice dress? A prim pair of shoes? Know how to work your way around the wonder of a lint roller? Apply the previous three then sally on down to one of the finest seafood restaurants in Chelsea. Not only a pretty little pad where West London's socialites come out to play and scoff, the seafood menu at The Botanist is an enthralling and high-end list of classic favourites, salmon wonders and bold, fishy bites.

botanist east seafood in london

Looking to add a luxe air to your seafood experience in London? Make haste for The Botanist.

Prawn on the Lawn

You may need to head to Islington to find it, but you're sure to love it once you're there. Not only giving guests something seriously pretty and unique to oggle at with their nautical-esque restaurant interiors, bare tiling and ocean nods alongside a working fishmongers, the menu at Prawn On The Lawn changes on a daily basis, echoing their insistence on only the freshest and finest seafood. 

prawn on the lawn london seafood restaurant

Prawn On The Lawn is something of an Islington hidden gem. 

Gow's Restaurant

A restaurant with class, prim dining and 125 years on its side, Gow's Restaurant is one of the most heralded names in the Balls Brothers group, and with good reason. Sure, you can shuck a muck in the heart of their own Oyster Bar, but in snagging one of their restaurant tables, you'll indulge in seafood spoils the likes of whole Brixham crab, grilled Dover sole and traditional potted shrimps. 

gows restaurant in london

Boasting over a century in the business, Gow's know seafood like the back of their hand. 

The Drift

Not only one of the most cutesy spots to dine in London thanks to foliage, fun prints and smatterings or geometric furniture about the place, The Drift are seafood hardy and menu unique. Head on down to their Liverpool Street restaurant and get decked out in a dinner brimming with the likes of prawn lollipops, chargrilled tune with green papaya and hot smoked salmon. 

drift dinner in london restaurant

The Drift turns casual seafood dishes on their head with unique ways to serve and dine.