Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

© jmbessieres

Cat lovers can drink and enjoy the company of their favourite animals.

Get ready cat lovers, for Lady Dinah's dedicated cat cafe has opened and plans to revolutionise the treatment of felines whilst they're at it. You are invited to head over and kick back with a cup of tea whilst enjoying the company of Lady Dinah's array of rescued kitties.

The Emporium comes kitted out with our four-legged friends emotional and physical needs in mind, and the folks behind the Lady Dinah's concept are out to ensure that these rescue cats get the attention and lifestyle that they need. This means that there's also a private two-storey, cats-only garden for felines to grace and soak it all in. Lady Dinah's believe that every cat is a Top Cat, so they'll make sure these little mites are treated accordinly. If you're a cat-lover looking for something truly unique to try out, head over to London's first dedicated Cat Emporium located within a leisurely stroll of Shoreditch High Street.