Fattburger at The Sun and 13 Cantons Pub

As we€™re feeling the sluggish drag of an exceptionally wet and dreary British summer we€™re happy to announce the flip side of life: Juicy, juicy bad-boy burgers are coming to The Sun and 13 Cantons Pub in Soho for a three month mother-flippin€™ burger bash.


Say goodbye to tasteless salads and welcome FATTBURGER serving meat and bun delights with a top chef twist as the project is led by Matt Bishop who used to be head chef at Gordon Ramsay's Maze grill in Mayfair. Choose between a one or two hand grip beast for the modest price of £6.50 for a single and £8.50 for a double burger. All Fattburgers are made with 32 days aged beef and brioche buns from the repute Millers Bakery.


Look out for the classics like Fatt Original (morbier, mushrooms, roast garlic mayo, tomato, lettuce, onions) Fatt Piggy, (comte, bacon, avocado, dill, lettuce, garlic mayo) and Fatt Korean (kimchi, teriyaki mayo). We don€™t know what inspired the Fatt Dragged Through The Garden Backwards-burger (avocado, dill, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, spiced garlic mayo) but it must have been one hell of an experience.


Try a two-hands-grip burger lunch in Soho this summer.

So head to The Sun and 13 Cantons pub this summer, Monday to Saturday, and savour some delicious Fatt Koreans.