After four years as one of North London€™s favourite haunts The Big Chill House is having a complete refurbishment, reopening on Thursday 28th April. Assigning the services of architect, maker, and general all round creative, Lucy Tauber to oversee the project, Lucy has undertaken a concept study of The Big Chill festival to understand what makes the festival so unique and special and she has interpreted this into the venue refurbishment.

Big Chill House 


"The challenge to design and build a bar for The Big Chill has been really exciting. Understanding and interpreting some of their founding principle has meant I have had the chance to be really experimental, to create unexpected and playful spaces, and to collaborate with and present some of the best creative people around", commented Lucy.

Downstairs will be completely revamped with a new bespoke dining room and large and messy ceiling installation, made with up and coming East London designer Fred. The fixed seating at the front of the bar is being ripped out and replaced with a new shop front, and an installation made with Czech Republic's Vero, to create a more inviting space and encourage engagement with the street outside. 

 Lucy Tauber's work at the Big Chill Bristol


The dance floor, DJ and stage area will feature a 14 metre artwork across by London street artist Jim from End of the Line. The mezzanine space, renamed The Nook and Cranny will be transformed into a surreptitious space, keeping the cosy feel but will become much naughtier and enticing with artwork by Miss Led. 


Moving upstairs, Lucy Tauber will be working with illustrator Stephanie von Reiswitz / Le Gun to transform the snug with a new take on the traditional Georgian Drawing Room, a development of an idea first created for the Big Chill bar in Bristol. The space will be elegant and unusual, and perfect for intimate live gigs, comedy clubs, banquettes or for private hire. 


Stephanie von Reiswitz Illustration


The seated area at the entrance of this room will become The Games Room, an unexpected homage to kids toys and bedrooms of the 1970€™s offering a complete contrast to all other spaces in the building, again representing the elements of surprise you will encounter at the festival. 


In Lucy€™s words, "The Big Chill House will feel like The Big Chill Festival has come home!"